The SÄKAPHEN® range of heat-cured linings and coatings provides high-quality corrosion protection to meet the demands of a range of aggressive mediums, including both strong alkali and acidic influences, even at the highest temperature.

The SÄKAPHEN® range is based on a combination of phenolic and phenolic epoxy resin and is resistant to water and water vapour diffusion, as well as providing a high level of chemical resistance that is not affected by extremely high temperatures. They also help to minimise maintenance costs by preventing fouling and incrustation.

SÄKAPHEN® Si14® Range

The SÄKAPHEN® Si14® range includes three variants. The high gloss Si14®E is the original material that is still widely employed to protect against hydrocarbons, acids, gases and cooling waters, offering a pH range of 1 to 8 and the ability to withstand temperatures between -20°C and 180°C. It is used widely to protect heat exchangers, pipework, tank containers and in other settings.

The SÄKAPHEN® Si14®E product is also available in a water diffusion grade. Si14®EG is a matt red coating that has a pH range of 3 to 8 and is used to protect condensers, thermal degassers, condensate receivers and evaporators. There is also a SÄKAPHEN® Si14®E BKW version, which is a hydrophobic topcoat applied to offer further protection for containers used to move chlorinated hydrocarbons.

SÄKAPHEN® Si57®Range

Dating back to the 1950s, the original SÄKAPHEN® Si57®E is a phenolic epoxy that protects against weak acidic and strong alkaline environments in all forms of cooling waters. It is also available in a water diffusion grade, SÄKAPHEN® Si57®EG, which is commonly used in such applications as air coolers, thermal degasifiers and pipework.

SÄKAPHEN® Si57®EL is designed for application to air coolers and HVAC-R equipment in situations where strong alkali and weak acidic resistance is important. There is also a SÄKAPHEN® Si570 AR version, which provides additional abrasion resistance and is ideally suited to rotating equipment, offering twice the level of heat conductivity provided by SÄKAPHEN® Si57®E.

SÄKAPHEN® Si17® Range

The SÄKAPHEN® Si17®E coating offers an electrically conductive lining of phenolic resin that is derived from a unique formula. It provides abrasion and high impact resistance and is resistant to acids, hydrocarbons and salt solutions. Offering an olive satin finish, it is commonly employed to protect tank containers used in the transport of flammable liquids.

Another option in the Si17® range is the SÄKAPHEN® Si17® TC, which is a tailored formulation designed for the coating of tank containers that have to withstand higher levels of impact and abrasion. For the transportation of food-grade material, SÄKAPHEN® Si17® TC Antibacterial is widely used, while SÄKAPHEN® Si17® N is employed as protection for storage, pipework and other settings where both high levels of chemical protection and diffusion resistance are required.

SÄKAPHEN® TC-Lining Grund & Deck is a three-dimensional cross-linking complex blend of thermosetting polymers offering excellent chemical resistance being certified by world renowned testing, inspection, and certification authority Bureau Veritas. The unique high build properties of this red, matt finished lining with a pH range of 1 to 13 and temperature resistance of -20°C to +180°C is suited to the lining of tank containers but also process equipment and impellers.

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