Selecting A Grit Blasting Specialist

Selecting A Grit Blasting Specialist

If you're looking for someone to take care of your NDT surface preparation, how can you choose the right specialist? Luckily, there are some easy ways to make a decision.... Read More

KUE Group Are Now A Heresite Certified Applicator

KUE Group are delighted to be a Certified Heresite Applicator of Heresite P-413, a heat cured, thin film, high performance phenolic epoxy, specifically formulated for use on HVAC-R equipment. (more…)


What is SÄKAPHEN®? Who are SÄKAPHEN®?

What is SÄKAPHEN®? SÄKAPHEN® is a range of high performance linings and coatings that offer high end corrosion protection against an extensive range of aggressive mediums. It serves a large... Read More

When NOT To Use Dry Grit Blasting

When NOT To Use Dry Grit Blasting

Grit blasting is a ‘dry’ surface preparation method whereby abrasive material is propelled against a surface to remove contaminants, to smooth a rough surface, to roughen up a smooth surface,... Read More

QHSE Management Systems – Why Do We Have Them?

QHSE stands for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. There are 3 internationally recognised standards which outline the framework for a management system in these areas; these are known as: ISO... Read More

Dry Blasting vs Wet Blasting

Dry Blasting vs Wet Blasting

Wet blasting and dry blasting are abrasive cleaning methods that involve propelling small particles at a surface at high velocity to strip away rust, mill scale, contaminants and old coatings... Read More

A Quick Guide to Abrasive Blasting Media 1

A Quick Guide to Abrasive Blasting Media

Abrasive blasting is an umbrella term for both grit blasting and shot blasting. Many interchange the terminology when in fact there is a distinct difference between the two. In basic... Read More

Paint, Coating & Lining Types - The Ultimate Glossary

Paint, Coating & Lining Types: The Ultimate Glossary

  There are a wide range of specialist commercial paints, coatings and linings available to meet various requirements. Here we explain briefly what those terms mean. (more…)

Corrosion Classifications - What is ISO 12944 (1)

Corrosion Classifications: What Is ISO 12944?

Your steel plant and structures are only as durable as they are corrosion resistant, but corrosion prevention is no simple task. Corrosion occurs when moisture, oxygen, and ferrous steel combine... Read More

Guide To Manual Cleaning Standards

A Quick Guide To Manual Cleaning Standards

Abrasive blast cleaning is often the most effective and efficient way of cleaning steel surfaces in preparation for subsequent coating, lining, painting or NDT testing. However, sometimes abrasive blast cleaning... Read More

A-Z of Blasting Terms

A-Z Of Blasting Terms

Grit Blasting, Abrasive Blasting, Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting, they are all terms we hear every day in the surface preparation and coating, lining and painting world. Here we dig a... Read More

Grit Blasting v Shot Blasting

Grit Blasting v Shot Blasting

Grit blasting and shot blasting are both terms under the umbrella of abrasive blasting. Many people refer to each as each other when in fact there is a distinct difference... Read More