What Is SÄKAPHEN Si 570 AR?

SÄKAPHEN Si 570 AR forms part of the Heat-Cured Twelve, the company’s collection of top-of-the-range heat-cured coatings designed with extensive corrosion protection against aggressive medium.

This phenolic epoxy-based hydrophobic coating offers improved, excellent abrasion resistance with a pH range of 4 to 13, perfect for protecting equipment exposed to weak acidic or strong alkali conditions.

With a temperature resistance of -20°C to +180°C, this dark grey sating finish coating is able to offer twice the heat conductivity of its sister model, SÄKAPHEN Si57 E (independently confirmed by 3M®.)

Expertly designed to resist liquids, fumes, and mist (even in droplet form) of all cooling water types, the SÄKAPHEN Si570AR can withstand seawater, river water, and brackish as well as deionised water, greases, oils, gases, and salt solutions.

What Can SÄKAPHEN Si 570 AR Be Used On?

SÄKAPHEN Si570 AR is particularly adept at performing outstandingly on rotating equipment, capable of offering impeccable abrasion resistance. It is well-suited for the coating of impellers and any parts that will be exposed to aggressive and abrasive alkaline substances at a high temperature.

In a case study investigating the positive impact SÄKAPHEN Si570 AR can have on rotating equipment, it was used to coat an impeller wheel which pumped 60 m³ of wastewater per hour at 103°C. This water contained NH3, CO2, Sulphide, Chloride, Cyanide, and Phenols. Furthermore, the impeller conveyed 2kg/h of a strongly adhesive and abrasive solid medium.

Previously, this adhesion had caused a failure and downtime of the pump every 3 weeks. But after a customer-specific coating of the newly developed SÄKAPHEN Si570 AR, the operation time was prolonged to 2 years. An increase of 3,366.67%.

Is SÄKAPHEN Si 570 AR The Right Choice For Me?

If you have any questions about whether SÄKAPHEN Si570 AR is the best fit for your application, then don’t hesitate to contact KUE Group for further information and our team of experts, dedicated to excellent customer service, will be able to help.

You can also browse the rest of the SÄKAPHEN range to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Image Source: SÄKAPHEN