For those who are like us at the KUE Group and are fixated on the painting of tanks and other like-minded vessels, you might have heard of the SÄKAPHEN Si57E. It’s a magic product that works its wonders in providing a highly durable coating of hydrophobic phenolic epoxy-based heat-cured thermosetting to different types of machinery.

A SÄKAPHEN Si57E protective coating is chemically resistant to various substances – making it ideal for use on this kind of machinery. This resistance covers surfaces that are either weakly acidic or strongly alkaline. It also shapes well against the different types of cooling water – which even includes sea, river, and brackish water. A well as this, a SÄKAPHEN Si57E protective coating simply isn’t fazed by deionised water – making it unique to ordinary paint – and neither is it affected by gases, greases, oils, or salt solutions. Just a few coats of the stuff will be around till the end of time!

A protective coating of SÄKAPHEN Si57E can also be applied sleekly to a machine for a flawless result. Its hydrophobic properties stop issues of incrustation, fouling and caking in their tracks.

Where Can I Put SÄKAPHEN Si57E?

You may be wondering about what you can do with the SÄKAPHEN Si57E, but the possibilities are almost endless. You can use it to host a whole range of machines, such as centrifuges, compressors, containers, fans, heat exchangers, impellers, parts of water treatments, piping, prover loops, tanks and turbines – it’s a highly diverse product.

For more information on what the SÄKAPHEN Si57E is, feel free to contact a member of our team at the KUE Group.

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Image Source: SÄKAPHEN