SÄKAPHEN TC-LINING is a unique product that offers a complete hydrophobic coating with incredible properties. Using three-dimensional cross-linking, this coating system is an innovative and effective solution that is heat-cured and offers long-lasting protection from incrustation, abrasion and caking.

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An Incredibly Powerful and Versatile Coating

Created using the very latest materials technology, this high-quality product is ideal for coating storage containers, tanks, transportation containers, vessels and pipework. It’s also in a bright shade of red and has a hard-elastic surface with a high dry film thickness of 400μm. This heat-cured coating can be applied on-site or in the workshop and its high build properties make it an innovative and effective choice.

Superior Chemical Resistance

If you need a coating for a tank that is chemical resistant, SÄKAPHEN TC-LINING is resistant to strongly acidic and weakly alkaline media, with a pH range of 1-13. SÄKAPHEN TC-LINING is also resistant to organic and inorganic salt solutions well as aliphatic and aromatic chlorinated hydrocarbons. This premium heat-cured coating offers high-end protection from aggressive mediums, it’s resistant to water vapour diffusion and temperature fluctuations. Corrosion can be a huge issue in sectors from mining to manufacturing to logistics, and a premium coating from SÄKAPHEN not only prevents degradation, but it also reduces the need for maintenance and costly repairs. Whatever you need to process, transport or treat, this advanced coating offers unparalleled resistance for a range of unique environments.

Protecting Your Assets With The Latest Technology

SÄKAPHEN TC-LINING can be used in a wide number of applications, and their effective coatings are used around the world to protect and maintain key assets. Developed using six decades of research and innovation, the SÄKAPHEN product range is designed to meet the demands of the most rigorous and hazardous environments. Developed by an in-house research and development team, SÄKAPHEN has perfected their three-dimensional cross-linking complex blend of thermosetting polymers to deliver an innovative coating that can protect tank containers from a variety of chemicals and temperatures changes from – 20 degrees Celsius up to 180 degrees Celsius. SÄKAPHEN TC-LINING has been tested, inspected and certified by the experts at Bureau Veritas so you can count on it for the ultimate surface protection.

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How To Choose The Right Surface Preparation Method For Your Project - Grit Blasting Guide
Image Source: SÄKAPHEN