SÄKAPHEN Si57 EG forms part of the Heat-Cured Twelve, the company’s collection of top-of-the-range heat-cured coatings designed with extensive corrosion protection against aggressive medium.

It is the water-diffusion grade version of SÄKAPHEN Si57 E, able to withstand aqueous alkaline conditions and temperatures exceeding 180°C.

SÄKAPHEN Si57 EG is a high-quality phenolic epoxy-based and heat-cured thermosetting coating. This coating is expertly designed for its chemical resistance against all types of cooling water, from aqueous alkaline to weakly acidic media and vapours: including seawater, river water, brackish, and deionised.

The hard elastic surface can easily endure water vapour diffusion (≤ ΔT 85°C) and offers a protective coverage of 1,4 kg / m² / 250µm. This matt brown lining is already being used across the country to protect a wide variety of equipment in both neutral and alkaline environments.

What Can SÄKAPHEN Si57 EG Be Used On?

The fields of application for SÄKAPHEN Si57 EG are especially suited to plant parts regularly exposed to hot water and steam with its comprehensive durability and defence against high temperatures. Unlike other brands, SÄKAPHEN Si57 EG is not affected by temperature fluctuations.

It can be used for the coating of:

• Heat exchangers
• Condensers and evaporators
• Rotating equipment
• Air coolers
• Uninsulated tanks and process tanks
• Desalination equipment
• Condensate tanks
• Thermal degasifiers
• Pipework and pipelines
• Hot water and steam equipment
• Housings of turbomachinery

Is SÄKAPHEN Si57 EG The Right Choice For Me?

If you have any questions about whether SÄKAPHEN Si57 EG is the best fit for your application, then don’t hesitate to contact KUE Group for further information and our team of experts, dedicated to excellent customer service, will be able to help.

You can also browse the rest of the SÄKAPHEN range to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Image Source: SÄKAPHEN