KUE Group Ltd comprises of KUE Engineering Ltd – provider of steel surface preparation services – and Lithgow Saekaphen Ltd, a market leader in coating and lining technology.

Both elements of the business retain their distinctive expertise, branding and service ethic, and together combine decades of experience in surface preparation, coatings and linings.

With our abrasive cleaning services and SÄKAPHEN® lining systems, we provide a complete surface preparation and corrosion protection solution for a wide range of processes.

KUE Engineering Ltd

KUE Engineering Ltd’s founder members Thomas Kelsall, Harry Unsworth and Ray Evans joined forces in the early 1970’s to service a growing market in the cleaning of stone buildings following years of air pollution.

Together they developed a unique method of grit blasting utilising blast pots, compressors and water bowsers. This unique combination was assembled onto a heavy goods vehicle chassis which created a mobile blasting unit that could respond to clients’ requests throughout the country.

A chance meeting with a member of the Paint Research Association whilst stone cleaning a building (particularly wall ties) in Manchester led to further interest and development into what became known as the patented ‘System 918’ Variable Pressure Blasting Technique.

The initial query was “if you can clean delicate stone work to such a high degree of finish, can this also be done with carbon steel?”

The answer turned out to be a resounding yes and this in turn interested the now obsolete CEGB (Central Electricity Generating Board) and following exploration and testing, grit blasting of boiler pressure parts and turbine components became the norm and KUE Engineering Ltd was born.

Our team members have a wealth of experience in surface preparation, protective coatings and linings giving us unrivalled expertise built on years of working on varied and diverse projects.

Lithgow Saekaphen Ltd

Lithgow Saekaphen Ltd was originally incorporated in 1949 as James Lithgow (U.K.) Limited and traded as such until the early 1980’s where an alliance with Ensecote was formed and a change in company name to Ensecote Lithgow Limited. Shortly after this ‘Lithgow’ became the sole exclusive supplier and applicator of SÄKAPHEN® and a further company name change to Lithgow Saekaphen Ltd as we are today. The SÄKAPHEN® range of coatings and linings are manufactured in Germany and offer superior temperature and chemical resistance and further information can be found here. We are also the sole UK applicator of Heresite Protective Coatings for all types of heat transfer equipment.

Our services are available in-house or on-site across the UK and internationally.

Lithgow Saekaphen®

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