Heresite Coa3ng of HVAC-R Equipment

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Case Study: Heresite Coating

Heresite Coating of HVAC-R Equipment


Leading UK HVAC-R Manufacturer

Scope of Work

Heresite Coating of Condensers & Evaporators


Heresite Baked Phenolic Epoxy


Copper Fins & Coil, Stainless Steel Frame

Coating System

The Condensers and Evaporators were degreased, water rinsed and dried to remove oils, dirt, grease, wax and any other contamination that may interfere with
coating adhesion.

The coating was applied by immersion and flooding with an air dry and intermediate bake between coats followed by a final aesthetic spray coat to achieve a final dry film thickness of 35 to 50 microns prior to final bake.

Coating Details

Heresite is a thin film, high performance coating used principally for coil and radiator heat exchangers as well as other air and fume handling equipment fabricated of light gauge metals. It is the first HVAC-R coil and radiator coating to meet the ISO 20340 Standard for severe offshore marine environments. The corrosion resistance of Heresite significantly extends the service life of HVAC-R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration), and other heat transfer equipment.

In addition to marine and salt air environments, Heresite will withstand exposure to an extensive variety of high and low pH corrosive and chemical fumes and condensate. Because these products are efficient thermal conductors, applied at very thin films, HVAC-R and process equipment coil OEMs have indicated that thermal loss due to the presence of Heresite coating is <1%


Main Image: Completed Coil Unit

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