HVAC-R units are a key component in places where people need protecting from the elements or sufficient ventilation is required. They can also be used for general cooling, refrigeration or to create a stabilised environment for specific conditions. These units have a wide range of uses in many sectors, with food preparation and pharmaceuticals being good examples.


While HVAC-R units provide many benefits to those who live or work in the environment which is created, these systems are often exposed to the harshest of treatment. This now sees units like this given protective coatings which cover all parts, including the blowers, doors, coils, piping, fans, enclosures and louvres. But why should you think about doing this to your HVAC-R unit?

1. Extends Unit Life And Functionality

Applying a protective coating to the entire system is superb for not only extending its lifespan but also boosting its functionality. In the past, some companies have focused only on coating the coil. This is not a good idea, though, as all parts of your unit could be exposed to damaging elements when used, so they should also be coated. Parts damaged from exposure could also mean increased downtime and repair costs. By applying a protective coating to your whole unit, you avoid both and keep your unit working better for longer.

2. Protection From High Humidity

There are many dangers your system could face and operating in a very humid environment is one. Environments with high humidity, such as water treatment plants or swimming pools, can be very corrosive as a result. If your unit is working in such a setting, applying a protective coating will help to keep it fully operational. It will also extend the life of any individual parts by stopping the humid environment from causing excess wear or degradation.

3. Makes It Easier To Keep Equipment Clean

The simple fact is that coating your unit ramps up your ability to keep it clean. This is because the protective coating itself contains elements which make cleaning any unit easier. Being able to do this is key in all settings but especially important in certain spaces – such as a food processing environment, for example. In settings like this, high levels of cleanliness are required for all equipment. By coating your HVAC-R system, you are ensuring you can keep it spotless with no fuss.

Protective Coating For HVAC-R Units From KUE Group

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