KUE Group: Why Choose KUE Group for your Grit Blasting requirements?

Our founders – Kelsall, Unsworth and Evans – developed their unique method of grit blasting all the way back in the 1970s. Technology has certainly progressed since then, but our ability to meet client requests up and down the country with our mobile blasting units remains unchanged.

In this blog, we look at the reasons why KUE Group is the number one choice for your grit blasting requirements in the UK.

Non Destructive Testing and Non Destructive Examination

Our expertise comes into play before any blasting begins. Blast preparation is a crucial part of the NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and NDE (Non-Destructive Examination) processes. We meticulously take into account the surface finish of components, removing any coatings, corrosion or residue which may mask defects during the NDT/NDE process.

On Or Off-Site – The Choice Is Yours

We understand that maximising convenience and minimising disruption is a big priority for our customers. We offer grit blasting at our specially designed, fully equipped workshop, allowing us to process components in a range of sizes in our blast bays. Alternatively, we are also able to prepare components at your site, thanks to our fleet of equipped vehicles, as well as setting up temporary blast enclosures and buildings if required.

Grit Blasting At KUE Group

We have all the equipment needed to offer in-house coating, cleaning, surface preparation and lining, including grit blasting, shot blasting, soluble salt removal and wet abrasive blast cleaning. Our wealth of expertise and unmatched capabilities – being able to handle items up to a weight of 20 tonnes – makes us the go-to provider for grit blasting for so many organisations, who benefit from easy access to our conveniently located Bradford base.

Grit Blasting At Your Site

We service organisations at sites across the UK and abroad, including most major power stations. Our NDT surface preparation can be used for steam pipework, furnaces and pressure parts, as well as a variety of other components. At KUE Group, we always have client convenience in mind, and as such we are accustomed to carrying out our work in accordance with critical path schedules. Thanks to our dust and extraction systems we are able to carry out grit blasting in a clean environment.

Do you have a question about our grit blasting services? Call KUE Group on 01274 019943 today.

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