When NOT To Use Dry Grit Blasting

Grit blasting is a ‘dry’ surface preparation method whereby abrasive material is propelled against a surface to remove contaminants, to smooth a rough surface, to roughen up a smooth surface, or to shape a surface.

In dry blasting, compressed air (grit blasting) or a centrifugal wheel (shot blasting) is used to propel the abrasive material. In wet grit blasting, on the contrary, compressed air and/or water is added to the media.

Both dry and wet blasting are effective surface treatments for various applications. However, there are some situations in which dry grit blasting is not appropriate, and a wet blasting procedure is more effective:

How To Choose The Right Surface Preparation Method For Your Project - Grit Blasting Guide

Preservation Of Media

In wet blasting, water acts as a buffer between the media and the surface. This leads to a lower rate of medium breakdown, therefore reducing air-borne dust levels.. Water also reduces the opportunity for the media from being impregnated into the surface.


Gentle On The Surface

In the same way as water protects the media from breakdown, it also protects the surface from unnecessary wear. To this effect, surface preparation becomes more efficient as the surface is preserved in its best state. Water allows for the attainment of a smoother finish. Water or dry ice also acts as a coolant which reduces the potential warping of thin gauge items.


Access To Every Nook & Cranny

Since water has no fixed shape, it can carry the media to all areas of the surface being blasted, allowing the cleaning of irregularly shaped surfaces.


Allows For Extra Cleaning

Soap and other detergents can be added to the water, allowing for extra cleaning of the surface. This eliminates the need for post-blasting cleaning as all is done simultaneously.


Find Out More

Wet grit blasting is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to dry grit blasting in a number of applications. If you’d like to find out more about our System 918 variable low pressure wet abrasive blasting method, or require NDT surface preparation assistance, please get in touch today.


How To Choose The Right Surface Preparation Method For Your Project - Grit Blasting Guide