What Is SÄKAPHEN Si17TC Antibacterial?

SÄKAPHEN Si17TC Antibacterial is a heat cured hydrophobic lining and coating by SÄKAPHEN offering excellent abrasion and impact resistance, reddish in colour SÄKAPHEN Si17TC Antibacterial is formulated for use a food grade lining or coating.


Active Germicidal Coating

SÄKAPHEN Si17TC Antibacterial has active germicidal properties and is approved for use when in contact with foodstuffs as per §§ 30, 31 (1) German Food Law (LFGB) and EU guideline Art. 3 (EG) Nr. 1935/2004.

Chemical Resistance

SÄKAPHEN Si 17TC Antibacterial is chemically resistant to mediums ranging from strongly acidic to weakly alkaline aqueous liquids and vapours, fume gases, organic and inorganic acids, chlorinated aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon, all types of cooling water (including brackish, river and sea water, as well as deionized water, oils and greases. SÄKAPHEN Si 17TC Antibacterial is also resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Areas Of Use

ISO Tank Containers, storage and process vessels and tanks as well as pipework and rotating equipment where excellent chemical and abrasion resistance is required when in contact with foodstuffs.

SÄKAPHEN Si17TC Antibacterial is formulated and manufactured in Germany by SÄKAPHEN, a third generation family-owned company providing protective linings, coatings, and more. For over 65 years they have been providing asset protection around the world. Get in touch today for further information on SÄKAPHEN Si17TC Antibacterial.

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Image Source: Saekaphen.de