SÄKAPHEN Si14EG is one of many SÄKAPHEN heat-cured coatings we offer at KUE Group. This SÄKAPHEN coating is applied in our workshop, where it is heat cured in order to offer superior corrosion resistance to weak acidic and light alkali environments. Let’s take a look at what SÄKAPHEN Si14EG is and where it’s most commonly used today.


SÄKAPHEN Si14EG is the water diffusion grade version of another SÄKAPHEN coating, SÄKAPHEN Si14E. This high quality phenolic-based lining boasts a number of unique properties which makes it perfect for a wide range of applications including:

– Resistance to water vapour diffusion (≤ ΔT 85°C)
– Chemical resistant to weak acidic and weak alkali aqueous liquids and vapours, organic and inorganic acids
– pH range of 3 to 8
– Temperature resistance of -20°C to +180°C
– Hard elastic surface

The SÄKAPHEN Si14EG offers a matt red finish.

What Are The Most Common Applications Of SÄKAPHEN Si14EG?

Like other SÄKAPHEN® coatings and linings, SÄKAPHEN Si14EG is a highly versatile lining and coating that can be used to protect vessels and containers operating in high temperatures and corrosive environments.

SÄKAPHEN Si14EG is widely used in settings where its high temperature resistance and water vapour diffusion resistance come to the fore, including heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, thermal degassers, and hot water and steam stressed items of equipment.

It is particularly useful in applications that require protection against weak acidic or light alkaline aqueous liquids and vapours, organic and inorganic acids, fume gases, aromatic and aliphatic solvents and cooling waters (including brackish, river and sea).

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