SÄKAPHEN Si14E BKW is another innovative lining and coating by SÄKAPHEN, a family-run German company who have been developing and formulating high-quality protective linings and coatings for vessels and containers for over 65 years. Let’s take an in-depth look at SÄKAPHEN Si14E BKW and consider its most common applications in the field.



SÄKAPHEN Si14E BKW is a filler and pigment-free hydrophobic top coat, formulated for use over SÄKAPHEN Si14E when used for the transportation or movement of chlorinated hydrocarbons.

– pH range of 1 to 8
– Temperature resistance of -20°C to +180°C
– Hydrophobic properties that prevent caking, fouling and incrustation
– Chemically resistant to organic and inorganic acids

A clear, high gloss finish providing additional protection where required.

Is SÄKAPHEN Si14E BKW The Right Choice For Your Application?

When transporting or movement of chlorinated hydrocarbons is required then use of SÄKAPHEN Si14E BKW is paramount in the protections of ISO Tank Containers and Process Vessels. Few other protective linings or coatings on the market are able to deliver this level of protection.

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