At KUE Group, we are a world-leading provider of steel surface preparation techniques together with the application of premium coating and lining systems such as those supplied by SÄKAPHEN a German 3rd generation family owned company who been providing high end corrosion solutions for over 65 years.



SÄKAPHEN Si17E is a premium phenolic based hydrophobic electrically conductive thermosetting heat-cured resin lining in an olive, satin finish offering outstanding characteristics including: –

  • Self-priming for direct-to-metal application
  • Chemical resistance to a wide range of substances including organic and inorganic acids up to pH 8
  • Withstands temperature fluctuations
  • High impact and abrasion resistance for heavy duty environments
  • Hydrophobic properties to prevent caking, fouling and encrustation
  • Resistance to water vapour diffusion ≤ ΔT 85°C

What Are The Most Common Applications of SÄKAPHEN Si17E?

Used primarily in the lining of ISO Tank Containers for the storage and transportation of flammable liquids classified as dangerous according to class AI / AII and B as well as for water endangering flammable liquids (aliphatic and aromatic chlorinated hydrocarbons) due to an electrical volume resistance below 107Ω.

According to TRBS 2153 / WHG / TRbF, statically conductive linings resistant to water-endangering inflammable liquids permanently have to provide a specific resistance of ρ <108 Ω in order to prevent electrostatic charge, that may be caused through repeated filling and emptying. This does increase operational safety.

Is SÄKAPHEN Si17E The Right Coating For You?

Do your requirements fit the above? If so please contact us for further information, if not then the SÄKAPHEN range will undoubtedly provide a solution.

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