What Are Industrial Coatings?

Industrial coating refers to a form of coating that is primarily known for its protective qualities rather than its aesthetic properties. These coatings are widely used in a variety of applications, with the most common including corrosion control for concrete or steel. Over the years, industrial coatings have been applied in a wide range of sectors, providing vital protection.

Aircraft and Automotive

These types of industrial coatings are applied to aircraft in both military and civil spheres, as well as the full range of automotive applications. There is a distinction between automotive coatings, which are applied at the time of manufacture and vehicle coatings, which are added at various times during a vehicle’s life, usually as part of repair processes.

Intumescent Coatings

These highly specialised coatings are added to structural steelwork, and are designed to react to extreme heat, providing an impervious layer in the case of fire that can protect steel. These coatings are rigorously tested and certified, and the Intumescent Coatings Forum (ICF) works with organisations such as the Association of Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) to uphold standards.

High-Performance Coatings

These coatings offer high protection and are applied to structures including warehouses, oil and gas rigs, bridges and chemical plants. This type of coating is designed to offer maximum corrosion resistance, protection against weather, corrosive environments and chemicals, but will also offer an attractive cosmetic appearance, while providing durability.

Marine Coatings

This category covers coatings that are applied to ships and boats of all sizes, including tankers, tugs, yachts and cruise ships. Marine coatings include topside coatings and antifouling coatings that reduce marine fouling and cut down on a ship’s drag in the water. These coatings are strictly regulated by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and by the Biocidal Products Regulations in the EU.

Wood Coatings

Technically known as wood finishes, these coatings are applied to wood used in office, bathroom and kitchen furniture, as well as industrial joinery. They are distinct from ‘wood care’ products such as varnishes and stains and offer a primary level of protection.

Other Coatings

Industrial coatings are widely used across a number of other sectors. Examples include can coatings, which offer internal and external coatings for cans; coil coatings, which are applied to metal coils used in washing machines and car parts; and plastic coatings, which are commonly used in electronics, car bumpers and plastic toys. Industrial coatings are also used to protect everything from steel and aluminium to plastic and wood, protecting toolboxes, power plants, transport containers and construction equipment.

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