What Types Of Abrasive Can I Use For Grit Blasting
Abrasive grit blasting is a surface preparation technique used to prepare substrates for a wide range of uses from general cleaning and aesthetics through to high end preparation demanded by NDT / NDE. The process involves propelling an abrasive material in a stream of compressed air to clean or modify a surface’s properties.

Abrasive Media Used For Grit Blasting

Depending on the application,  there are a myriad of abrasives available to choose from. With over 45 years of ‘in the field’ experience, KUE Group utilise four main types to meet 99% of our clients’ needs and, if required, are more than happy to use other blast media such as J Blast, Steel Shot and Grit, Stone Grit, Crushed Glass, Walnut Shells, Bicarbonate of Soda and Sponge – but for now, we’ll stick to the main four:


A naturally occurring form of aluminium oxide arranged in the almandine form. It is generally regarded as an expendable single-use abrasive with a semi-angular form, available in numerous sizing grades – dependent on the finish required – and provides excellent cleaning results, and is the abrasive of choice here at KUE Group.

Aluminium Oxide

A high grade alumina manufactured from bauxite, silica, coke and iron having exceptional hardness, high recyclability and widely used on non-ferrous items so as to avoid impingement or cross contamination, available in differing sizing grades. KUE Group utilise Brown Aluminium Oxide in many differing applications, including the industrial blast cleaning of steam turbine components for NDT / NDE.

Glass Bead

A high grade manufactured soda lime producing near perfectly round particles which, when used in blasting techniques, impart a polished or lustre finish to the surface, again available in varying sizing grades. KUE Group adopt glass beads – where specified by the end user – in the industrial blast cleaning of gas turbine components for NDT / NDE.

Chilled Iron

A recast fused iron abrasive with tough, aggressive properties and a high recyclability rate when used on ferrous items, widely available in a large range of sizing grades. It is important to note that if the item being treated is non-ferrous and receiving a subsequent coating, lining or painting, an alternative suitable abrasive should be sought.

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