The need of having a safer workplace in many industrial fields results in a higher number of maintenance cycles to limit accident loss times. This is where SÄKAPHEN® provides significant value to the industry.

SÄKAPHEN® offers two products for cleaning and contamination protection:

  • SÄKAPHEN® Cleaning Paste 80.750
  • SÄKAPHEN® Silicone Grease 81.750

The products are used to combat the threat of strongly-soiled functional equipment or machinery, provide a sealing function to ensure easy re-cleaning and avoid accident loss times in functional equipment.

The SÄKAPHEN® Cleaning Paste 80.750 has been developed to protect high voltage insulators from electrical flash-over due to the combination of dust and moisture.

The product is applied on the surface of the insulator while the electric current is disconnected and forms a hydrophobic layer to prevent flash-over.

The SÄKAPHEN®Silicone Grease 81.750 is additionally recommended as a sealing agent in areas with extremely high dust contamination.

The main application area in the electricity industry is the high voltage transmission network (110 kV up to 765 kV in the US), in particular in transformer stations.

The technical advantage of the SÄKAPHEN® cleaning agents is to ensure a reliable electricity supplythrough a safe electricity flow and reduce the number of cleaning cycles.

Large electricity suppliers like E.ON in Germany use SÄKAPHEN® Cleaning Paste 80.750 in combination with SÄKAPHEN® Silicone Grease 81.750 in their high voltage transmission network and apply the material regularly according to their internal maintenance process.

The cleaning cycles depend on the degree of contamination. The higher the contamination the higher are the cost savings when applying the SÄKAPHEN® Cleaning agents.


SÄKAPHEN® cleaning agents ensure a higher reliability of the power transmission network due to less flash-over accidents. In addition to this technical benefit the cleaning cycles per time period can be reduced in particular due to the cleaning and sealing function of the SÄKAPHEN® Cleaning Paste 80.750. This overcompensates the price for the cleaning agents used.

The use of SÄKAPHEN® cleaning agents enables the industry to save 50 to 75 % of their maintenance cleaning costs compared to conventional mechanical cleaning.

Dr. N. Wings / 14th January 2009

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