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As with all coating systems, correct and proper maintenance will assist and preserve the performance of Heresite Coated Coils and avoid and prevent corrosion over the length of the product life and as such general guidelines are recommended and should be followed.


Cleaning Frequency

As a minimum, Coils should be inspected and thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. In extreme environments such as those where the Coils are exposed to high concentrations of salt air and generally within 25 miles of the coast or indeed where they are installed near engine exhausts, manufacturing vents or exposed to corrosive chemicals, then the cleaning frequency will have to be increased, often up to 4 times per year.

Cleaning Process

  1. Turn off the electrical power to isolate the system.
  2. Flush the Coil with clean fresh water to remove loose residues, allowing the water to soak for 10 – 20 minutes to aid removal.
  3. Flush the Coil thoroughly with any proprietary mild liquid detergent and warm water (up to 37°C) until all residues are removed. If harsher cleaning detergents are required please contact KUE for further advice.
  4. Rinse the Coil thoroughly with clean fresh water.
  5. Allow the Coil to dry completely prior to turning the electrical power back on and returning to service.


If the Coil requires small local coating repairs please contact KUE for further information.


  • Avoid using high pressure water jetting equipment, fins may fold or deform causing the Heresite coating to crack.
  • Avoid using abrasive products or processes to scour, scrape or remove residues.
  • Avoid using tools such as scrapers, hammers etc. to dislodge or remove residues.
  • Avoid using corrosive, caustic or alkaline cleaners (pH <5.5 or >8.5) as these may cause permanent damage to the Heresite coating and void any warranties.

For more information on cleaning procedures, contact KUE Group today.

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