KUE-Group-Design-and-Fabrication-Requirements: Why-Use-Them?


When design and fabrication standards are as stringent as they are, it’s for good reason. Keeping to code during every step of every project is critical – here are just a few of the reasons why design and fabrication standards are requirements, not just advice.

Internal Seams

One of the first standards that should always be adhered to is that all internal seams for objects such as lined equipment coming into contact with corrosive material are continuously welded and smooth. This is to ensure no air is trapped in any open spaces, as the air then expands and creates the possibility of weakening the entire structure. When this happens, blisters also form on the lining film during the stoving stage.

It is for this same reason that all welding done on internal seams must be free from any porosity, undercutting, or pitting. You should not use spot or stitch welding, or any other form of non-continuous welding process either. The internal seam standards are worth using and adhering to as they ensure a minimised risk of blistering or damage to your object’s parts.

Lining Film

The standard for lining film should be that all surfaces are completely smooth and free from any sharp edges such as cavities, pitting, gouges and crevices, or pitting. All internal fittings need to have a minimum radius of 3mm off the ground. These guidelines are in place to ensure a satisfactory lining is achieved, to maintain the equipment’s overall integrity.

For any operations requiring marking-out, avoid the use of deep centre-punch marks. This is especially important on conical sections of the equipment.


Castings should always be free from major blowholes and any casting faults, as well as ensuring that all sharp edges are radiused. You should also make sure that no metal fillers are used; these are unlikely to be successful on any surfaces that are expected to have resin coat finishes.

When submitting drawings to KUE Group, it is always advisable to incorporate these requirements into your drawings. This is just to reduce the likelihood of them being sent back for amendments. Following these design and fabrication requirements ensures that your lined equipment can be fabricated to the highest standards possible – get in touch with KUE Group today to find out more.


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