High Voltage Insulator Cleaning

A highly efficient, functioning power distribution system is essential for many industries, so unexpected downtime can be damaging to service and profits. Unfortunately, high voltage insulators can be susceptible to contamination, leading to power outages, costly repairs, and dissatisfied customers. Proactive maintenance is, therefore, essential – in particular, the protection of high voltage insulators to prevent them from degrading, using an appropriate cleaning product such as SAEKA Cleaning Paste and SAEKA Silicone Grease.

Why Is High Voltage Insulator Maintenance Necessary?

High voltage insulator maintenance is vital to ensure materials can resist the contamination and degradation that can significantly affect their effectiveness, and increase running costs.

Contaminants that exist naturally in the environment, and those caused by pollution, are problematic for insulator materials, as they inhibit the consistent flow of electricity. When insulators deteriorate, they weaken. Increased electrical output is necessary to compensate, leading to higher running costs and potential damage to other system components. In severe cases, system failure can mean power outages.

The accumulation of carbon – the result of oil particles or sparking caused by ionisation – creates areas of low-resistance in electrical wires. These then degrade, while the build-up of mineral salts from soil and dust can produce a conductive layer that allows electricity to leak from wires, affecting output.

The solution is high voltage insulator cleaning with SAEKA cleaning products.

Effective High Voltage Insulator Cleaning

At KUE Group, we recommend the use of two SÄKAPHEN® cleaning products to clean and seal contaminated insulator materials: SAEKA Cleaning Paste 80.750 and SAEKA Silicone Grease 81.750.

SAEKA Cleaning Paste 80.750 is an easy-to-apply solution for the maintenance of high voltage insulators. By effectively removing contaminants and applying a film that seals the surface for long-term protection, the paste helps high voltage insulators operate at maximum efficiency, and without the accumulation of troublesome deposits.

SAEKA Silicone Grease 81.750 offers additional protection for high voltage insulators in environments where high humidity or air pollution is a problem. Once treated with SAEKA Cleaning Paste, components should receive an application of SAEKA Silicone Grease to provide a more robust, long-lasting seal.

KUE Group: for SAEKA Cleaning Products

SÄKAPHEN® cleaning products are available in the UK and Ireland exclusively through KUE Group. As an experienced, manufacturer-approved application and supply service for SAEKA Cleaning Paste and SAEKA Silicone Paste, we are your first port of call to ensure that high voltage insulators are protected against the degradation caused by contaminants and pollutants. Please get in touch to find out more.

For more information, to place an order, or to obtain a quote to protect your high voltage insulators, contact us at sales@kuegroup.com or click here.

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