KUE Group Are Now A Heresite Certified Applicator

KUE Group are delighted to be a Certified Heresite Applicator of Heresite P-413, a heat cured, thin film, high performance phenolic epoxy, specifically formulated for use on HVAC-R equipment.

Heresite P-413 Baked Phenolic Epoxy

Heresite P-413 is a thin film, high performance coating used principally for coil and radiator heat exchangers as well as other air and fume handling equipment fabricated of light gauge metals. It is the first HVAC-R coil and radiator coating to meet the ISO 12944-9 (formerly ISO 20340) Standard for severe off-shore marine environments. The corrosion resistance of Heresite P-413 coatings significantly extends the service life of HVAC-R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) and other heat transfer equipment.

In addition to marine and salt air environments, the P-413 family of coatings will withstand exposure to an extensive variety of high and low pH corrosive and chemical fumes and condensate. Because these products are efficient thermal conductors, applied at very thin films, HVAC-R and process equipment coil OEMs have indicated that thermal loss due to the presence of P-413 baked phenolic epoxy coating is <1%.

While harsh environments with high levels of humidity or chemicals cause the greatest corrosive damage to HVAC-R equipment, Heresite coatings are as equally suited for settings as varied as power plants, scientific laboratories, refineries and shopping centres.


KUE Group: Certified Applicator of Heresite P-413

KUE Group are proud to be the only Certified Applicator of Heresite P-413 in the UK and one of only four in Europe. We are able to apply Heresite P-413 to a range of equipment, increasing reliability, reducing corrosion and extending their service lifetime.

Our work with Heresite goes back many years, so if you choose KUE Group to apply protective coatings to your equipment, you can be confident that we have the experience and expertise to deliver the project to the highest standard.

What’s more, all our coatings meet rigorous international safety standards, including those laid down for marine and offshore locations, so you can be certain that Heresite will perform, even in the most challenging of environments. To find out more about how KUE Group can protect your HVAC-R equipment with Heresite Protective Coatings, get in touch to request a free quote.


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Image source: www.heresite.com