Grit Blasting v Shot Blasting

Grit blasting and shot blasting are both terms under the umbrella of abrasive blasting. Many people refer to each as each other when in fact there is a distinct difference between the two providing wildly differing results.


Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting involves firing small, smooth spherical particles, usually steel to clean iron, steel, forgings and provide a smooth surface finish, also used in peening to alter an items mechanical properties, increasing resistance to fatigue for critical parts used in aerospace, automotive, ship building and rail industries.

Grit Blasting

Grit Blasting involves firing small, sharp, angular particle abrasives at a surface at high velocities. Here at KUE Group we use a wide variety of abrasives dependent on the client’s specification and surface finish required and / or the subsequent activity. Commonly used abrasives are Garnet, Chilled Iron Grit, Steel Grit, Aluminium Oxide, Glass Beads and Crushed Glass all of which remove old coatings, mill scale, rust, heat scale and contaminants from the substrate preparing it for subsequent coating, lining, welding or NDT.

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