SAEKA Silicone Grease
If you have already treated your high voltage insulators, industrial capacitors or any other surfaces with SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750 but encounter high humidity and air pollution such as flue-ash or salts, it is recommended you further treat your surfaces with SAEKA Silicone Grease 81.750.

Complementing SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750, the surfactant and solvent-free, physiogically harmless silicone grease seals the surface with a film, offering additional long term protection in harsher, more strongly soiled environments.

Why choose SAEKA Silicone Grease 81.750?

  • It protects against flash overs and destruction.
  • It prevents the formation of continuous water films.
  • It extends maintenance cycles, therefore reducing downtime.

Did You Know?

SAEKA Silicone Grease is used extensively on transformers, rectifiers and switches & switchgear in the power generation and power transmission industries.

In the rail industry, electrical insulators on locomotives and carriages are like magnets for attracting contamination such as dirt. Used in conjunction SAEKA Cleaning Paste, the Silicone Grease seals insulators, reducing failures and keeping the network running.

How do I use SAEKA Silicone Grease 81.750?

Unlike the cleaning paste, we recommend you apply with a soft brush or a 0.3mm thick cloth and give it a quick polish. We just recommend you don’t store it below 10°C or above 30°C.

How can we help?

KUE Group are the sole licensee for the application of the SÄKAPHEN range of linings in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We are also the official supplier of the SÄKAPHEN range of surface treatment products to the UK and Ireland.

To place an order for SAEKA Cleaning Paste and SAEKA Silicone Grease, please email or request a quote online.

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