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Case Study: Site Maintenance Coating

General Site Maintenance Coating of Boiler Ash Hopper Apron


UK Power Station

Scope of Work

Coating of Boiler Ash Hopper Apron Steelwork


High Temperature Resisting Aluminium


Carbon Steel

Coating System

The Boiler Ash Hopper Apron Steelwork was pre‐cleaned by solvent degreasing to remove surface deposits. This was then followed by manual cleaning and abrading to a cleanliness standard of St3 in accordance with ISO 8501‐1:2007. The High Temperature Resisting Aluminium was then applied by brush and roller methods in a minimum of two coats to ensure a full even coverage and a minimum dry film thickness total of 40 microns.

Coating Details

A protective and decorative coating for high temperature application. For direct application onto suitably prepared steel surfaces. Will withstand continuous elevated temperatures up to 600°C. Suitable for use on Boilers, Furnace Chimneys, Industrial Ovens and Exhausts.


Left: Boiler Ash Hopper Apron ‐ Before
Right: Boiler Ash Hopper Apron ‐ After

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