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Case Study: SÄKAPHEN Coating of Methanol Reboiler U Tube Bundle

SÄKAPHEN Si14E Coating of 240 Tube Methanol Reboiler U Tube Bundle


International Energy Producer focused in North America, Europe and Australia

Scope of Work

Preparing and Coating External Surfaces of Tubes, Baffles and Supports

Operating Conditions

Produced Water / Methanol with a Chloride Content of 13,000ppm operating at 113°C


SÄKAPHEN Si14E at a nominal DFT of 200 microns

Coating System

The U Tube Bundle tube externals, baffles, and supports were initially pre-cleaned by jet washing with a degreasing agent to remove surface deposits and contamination prior to being grit blasted to a cleanliness standard of Sa3 in accordance with ISO 8501-1:2007 with an average surface profile of 40 to 60 microns. The lining is applied from solution in a series of thin layers, with

an air dry period between coats and a low temperature stoving to assist solvent release and part polymerise the resin. Conventionally 25-40 microns are applied at each coating application. When the lining has attained the specified thickness and continuity, the final cure is completed by placing the U Tube Bundle in the stoving oven and raising the temperature to 210°C. The exact duration and the rate of temperature rise is dependant on the mass of the item being stoved. The lining is tested for thickness, continuity and cure once cooled.

Coating Details

One of the SÄKAPHEN range of thermal hardening SÄKAPHEN Resins, SÄKAPHEN Si14E is a Phenol Formaldehyde resin lining applied to pipework, heat exchangers, condensers, transport containers, meter provers and other diverse equipment operating at temperatures up to 180°C in certain cases.


Completed SÄKAPHEN Si14E Coated Methanol Reboiler U Tube Bundle

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