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Case Study: Protective Lining and Coating of Cooling Water Pipework

Application of an Epoxy Lining and Coating to Cooling Water Pipework


Global Pump and Valve Supplier

Scope of Work

Removal of the existing defective internal lining and external coating. Application of a new internal lining and external coating. The spools were to be placed in immersion service in cooling water dosed with a biocide and operating at a maximum temperature of 30°C.


Ultra High Solids, Edge Retentive Epoxy


Carbon Steel


The spools were stripped internally and externally of their respective existing lining and coating by grit blasting to a cleanliness standard of Sa2.5 in accordance with

ISO 8501-1:2007 with an average surface profile of 50 to 75 microns.

The material was applied using airless spray methods to a nominal dry film thickness of 450 microns. A final dry film thickness check with a thickness gauge confirmed compliance with the specification.

As the spools were to be placed in immersion service, a dry holiday detection ‘spark test’ was carried out to ensure continuity in the lining and coating film.

The client urgently required the spools to be returned on a critical path schedule during an annual shut down. To facilitate this, the spools were placed into a stoving oven for 16 hours at 60°C. This enabled the client to immediately place the spools in service.

Coating Details

The high build, edge retentive lining and coating material ensures a rapid return to service.


Image Left: Sample of the original defective coating.

Image Right: A selection of the completed spools.

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