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Case Study: Grit Blast Preparations of LP Rotor

On-Site Grit Blasting of LP Rotor


European Biomass Energy Supplier

Scope of Work

Mobilise to site to remove build up of heat scale and combustion contaminants from LP Rotor surfaces to leave a surface suitable for NDT.


Abrasive: 120 Grade (0.10mm – 0.25mm) Garnet.


Nickel based super alloy.


A self contained KUE Blasting Unit was mobilised to site and situated adjacent to the work area.

Heavy duty reinforced rubber blast lines were coupled together and run from the KUE Blasting Unit to the contained framework housing the LP Rotor.

Concurrently, KUE extraction units were fitted adjacent therefore increasing the visibility and thus increasing the safety for all personnel within the working environment.

Dual shift working ensured a short downtime enabling NDT inspections to take place immediately following completion of the grit blasting operations and cleaning of the work area.


Left Image: LP Rotor prior to Blast Cleaning.
Right Image: LP Rotor on completion of Blast Cleaning to ISO 8501-1:2007 Sa3.

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