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Case Study: SÄKAPHEN Lining of ISO Tank Containers

SÄKAPHEN Lining of ISO Tank Containers both Uninsulated and Insulated

Lithgow Saekaphen Limited have been at the forefront of heat cured lining technology since 1949 and are proud licensees of the SÄKAPHEN brand of coatings and linings for over 40 years.SÄKAPHEN heat cured linings include:


The benefits of heat cured SÄKAPHEN linings are:

Excellent chemical resistance against both acidic and alkaline mediums as well as chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Excellent temperature resistance.
Versatility, over 1,900 tested products and mediums.
Technical help lines for optimum lining selection.

Scope Of Service

Removal of old linings to a surface cleanliness of ISO 8501-1:2007 Sa3.

Internal lining of Tank Container internal surfaces together with lining of both spill boxes and syphon tubes with SÄKAPHEN heat cured linings. All lined surfaces subject to full and comprehensive lining inspection including film thickness readings and integrity testing.

Lithgow Saekaphen Limited have access to full range of alternative heat and cold cured lining systems.

  • Two Computer Controlled Stoving Ovens.
  • One Innovative Computer Controlled Insulated Stoving Heater allowing curing of previously prohibited Tank Containers.

In the last 5 years:

  • 312 Tank Containers lined.
    • 69-off Cold Cured.
    • 243-off Stoved.

An average 11 working day turnaround on a Sakaphen lining.

12 month warranty (if linings are to fail they will do so catastrophically within the first three months of load of cargo).

No known warranty claims due to poor application.


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