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Case Study: Heresite Provides Protection for Bakeries

Heresite P-413 Coating of HVAC-R Equipment

Problematic Aggressive Environment

The acidic environment of a bakery’s proofing room presents unique challenges to HVAC-R systems. Information received from bakery industry customers indicate that copper fin and tube coils recommended for this environment typically experience a life expectancy of a maximum of 5 years.

If the bakery uses steam or high-pressure atomisation with reverse osmosis water for humidification, the life expectancy can be dramatically less.

To prevent environmental corrosion, coils must be made of stainless steel or covered with a protective coating that has been tested for safety in food processing environments. Stainless is more expensive, less energy efficient, and harder to clean and maintain for food safety. For this reason, this customer recommends Heresite Coating of their HVAC-R equipment.


The use of Heresite P-413 Coating on copper coils has been shown to extend the life of the coil by up to three times of what is usually expected. Heresite P-413 has been tested for resistance to fume exposure for ammonia and ammonium hydroxide, common ingredients in cleaning products. In addition, P-413 has received an NSF/ANSI 51: Food Equipment Materials rating (US Standard) for phenolic-epoxy for HVAC-R coils. The NSF rating establishes that Heresite P-413 coating has been shown to meet the requirements for materials and finishes used in the manufacture of commercial food processing equipment and its components.

The initial capital expense for the Heresite coating was half of the investment required for stainless steel, reduced the company’s energy bill by 33%, and reduced cleaning and hygiene costs by nearly 50%.

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