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Case Study: Surface Preparation and Coating

Grit Blasting and Coating of Gear Casing


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Scope of Work

Preparing and Coating of all Surfaces


Single Pack Epoxy Anti-Corrosive Primer


Iron Casting

Preparation and Application of Coating System

All surfaces were subjected to grit blasting using a recyclable chilled iron abrasive to a cleanliness standard of Sa2½ in accordance with ISO 8501-1:2007 with a surface profile of 30 to 50 microns in accordance with the manufacturers product data sheet. The primer was applied in a full single coat using conventional spray methods ensuring a full coverage was achieved together with a total minimum dry film thickness of 25 microns.

Coating Details

The single pack epoxy anti-corrosive primer is an oil resisting primer for application onto ferrous substrates.


Left: Gear Casing as received prior to grit blasting

Right: Gear Casing complete showing full application of the coating system

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