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Case Study: Tube Bundle Coating (SÄKAPHEN)

SAKAPHEN offers coating services for all sorts of heat exchangers: straight tube heat ex­changers, u-tube heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchanger – new builds and used. SAKAPHEN’s high quality coating material, its application and more than 60 years of experience in heat exchanger coating will prevent this to allow continuous cooling performance by improved protection against incrustation & fouling as well as enhanced heat conductivity.

* Crystalline deposits in a fully blocked HE tube

Picture below shows the tube sheet of a shell and tube heat ex­ changer, internally coated with SAKAPHEN Si 570 AR and trowel applied SAKAPHEN SAKATO­NIT K80 LS on the tube sheet.

Scope was the complete internal coating of the tube bundle to protect the tube internals against corrosion, incrustation and fouling. Furthermore, an enhanced heat conductivity was required since the process changed, more cooling power was needed but the unit could not grow due to constructional constraints in the production train.

*Water boxes, coated with SAKAPHEN Si570 AR

Enhanced Heat Conductivity for requested cooling power Benefits of original SAKAPHEN Si570 AR:

  • 50% enhanced heat conductivity compared to regular heat exchanger coatings
  • Proven performance due to 3rd party laboratory testing
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance due to innovative fillers
  • Resistant to all kinds of waters, including sea water, river water, brackish water
  • A global network of authorized applicators

SAKAPHEN’s services include:

  • Removal of the complete old coating and removal of any organic surface contamination by pyrolyze
  • Surface preparation by grid blasting
  • Complete (re-) coating of the tube internals, tube sheet and water boxes
  • Visual QC
  • Pore testing on 100% of the tube internals and all other coated parts

SAKAPHEN’s services are applicable for various heat exchangers such as flooding head heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers, u tube heat exchangers, fin tubed heat exchangers, oil coolers and many more. SAKAPHEN also offers tailor made coating solutions for other coating applications such as for connecting pipe works, impellers of pumps including the casing, etc.

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