Box Cooler Re-coating: To Coat Your Coolers At The Shipyard, Around The Globe!

SÄKAPHEN®’s high quality coating materials, its application and more than 40 years of experience
in marine cooler coating application will turn this…

SÄKAPHEN® coating materials

…into this in no time with the proven SÄKAPHEN®
re-coating process for used box coolers on-site!

                                                                                                                                 Re-coating in the shipyard!

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SÄKAPHEN® supports you when time-efficient on-site box cooler re-coating is required now!

  • Your coolers: need coating refurbishment
  • Your vessel: around the globe, near your customer
  • Your coating: SÄKATONIT® Extra AR-F for onsite application anywhere in the world!

Overall responsibility from a single source!

Coated Box coolers waiting for being brought back to the vessel

*Coated Box coolers waiting for being brought back to the vessel

SÄKAPHEN®’s service requires the following steps:

  • Cleaning and removal of fouling by mechanical cleaning and high pressure washing
  • In case of strong fouling, chemical cleaning by local company
  • Surface preparation by grit blasting with light grit
  • Complete re-coating with usually two layers of SÄKATONIT® Extra AR-F
  • Visual QC
  • Mounting of the coolers

SÄKAPHEN® can provide skilled supervision staff where you drydock.

*After blasting during technical
inspection by SÄKAPHEN®
*After application of two
layers of SÄKATONIT® Extra
*After mounting the coated
cooler into the refurbishment
sea chest

Benefits of original SÄKAPHEN® on site coating technology:

  • Proven track record: in the last month, almost 60 coolers have been treated in Europe and across the Atlantic with pending projects
  • Saving time and money: No international logistics to send the coolers to Europe for re-coating
  • Protection againt galvanic corrosion between ship hull and box cooler
  • No use of biocidal fillers moving towards Green shipping
  • Speedy process times depending on facility and coating crew: 22 coolers in 12 days

SÄKAPHEN® SÄKATONIT®Extra AR-F is a superior hydrophobic mechanically durable two-component epoxy-based coating. The coating is solvent free* and cures at ambient temperature. No oven is required.  The coating is chemically resistant to all types of water.

SÄKAPHEN®‘s service is applicable for various coolers in gas tankers, cruise ships, trawlers, breakers, offshore supply vessels and off shore structures themselves. Request a quote CTA

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