Non Destructive Testing (NDT) for components requires meticulous attention to surface finish. All corrosion, grease, coatings, paint residue and surface contaminants must be carefully removed as these may mask defects in the substrate when NDT penetrants are applied.

Soluble salts, microscopic dust and even residual alkaline cleaner can prevent the entry of penetrants into surface fractures during testing.

At KUE Group we offer a variety of abrasive cleaning solutions to meet the specific finish requirements needed for your components.

Non-Destruction Testing Of Metal Components

On-Site Or In-House Processing

We have a modern, fully equipped preparation facility where we can process components of various sizes, using a range of specially designed blast rooms. We can also prepare components on-site, using our purpose-equipped fleet of vehicles and, if required, our Temporary Blast Buildings and Enclosures.

We utilise various abrasive media to achieve the correct level of surface finish, including garnet, glass bead and aluminium oxide.

Discuss Your Requirements

To find out more about our NDT blast preparation services or discuss your requirements, please get in touch by email at, or call us directly on 01274 721188. You can also request a quote online by clicking here.