SAEKA Cleaning Paste
If you’re looking to clean and maintain high voltage insulators, industrial capacitors or any other surfaces including carbon steel , stainless steel, brass, chrome, aluminium, glass, ceramic and PVC, SAEKA Cleaning Paste 80.750 is the solution for you.

The surfactant and solvent-free, dermatologically tested, proprietary combination of abrasives, oils and greases lifts contaminants (such as dirt) and seals the surface with a film, offering long term protection.

Why choose SAEKA Cleaning Paste 80.750?

  • It protects against flash overs.
  • It prevents dust and continuous water films.
  • It extends maintenance cycles, therefore reducing downtime.
  • It is suitable for the cleaning and sealing of heavily soiled, smooth and scratch resistant surfaces in one pass.
  • It is resistant against corrosive mediums, salts and gaseous contamination in the air.

Did You Know?

SAEKA Cleaning Paste is used extensively in the power generation, power transmission and rail industries. But it is also held in high regard by some in motorcycle racing who use it to clean their wheels and exhausts. Sailors even use it in maintenance of their aluminium masts on their boats. There are so many possibilities!

It also does not contain any controlled chemicals listed under the UN Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (1988). It has no CAS number.

How do I use SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750?

It’s really simple! Apply with a cloth and just polish. We just recommend you don’t store it below 10°C or above 30°C.

How can we help?

KUE Group are the sole licensee for the application of the SÄKAPHEN range of linings in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We are also the official supplier of the SÄKAPHEN range of surface treatment products to the UK and Ireland.

If you experience high humidity or air pollution, further treatment with SAEKA-Silicone Grease 81.750 is recommended.

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