It is essential that any coating or lining you choose for your steel surface preparation meets the individual requirements of the project. Selecting the wrong type of coating for a given duty can hinder the protection of the substrate, which will be more costly in the long run. Each different type of coating or lining has properties that are suitable only for a specific range of conditions. To learn more about ensuring that a coating or lining is right for your requirements, continue reading.

Environmental Conditions

Weather and environmental conditions need to be considered when looking for a coating or lining. If the item needs resistance from UV, rain, freezing or humid conditions, then this will need to be considered. Therefore, it is important to refer to ISO 12944, which is the international for corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems. If the coating or lining is not suitable for the environment, then the underlying substrate may corrode over time, which will be costly. A well-suited coating will prevent environmental interaction, protecting the item.

Operating Conditions

Operating conditions include the media, and any pressures and temperatures the coatings or linings will be exposed to. If your process has extremely low or high temperatures or pressures, you need a coating or lining which can adequately protect the substrate.


A key area to think about is the exact chemicals that are being processed, transported or that the item is exposed to. The coating or lining must be able to withstand the specific chemicals that will potentially come into contact with it. If the coating or lining is not suitable for the process conditions, this could ultimately lead to lining or coating failure, therefore potentially causing damage to the item.

There is a lot that needs to be considered when ensuring that a coating or lining is suitable for your requirements. KUE Group is a leading provider of coatings and high-performance lining for steel. We can help you choose which coating or lining is best for your requirements and provide a high-quality service. For more information, get in touch today.

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