When you need a grit blasting specialist

When you need NDT surface preparation, a grit blasting specialist can help – but which one should you choose? Here are some of the typical mistakes that people make. Watch out for the warning signs, and steer clear of inexperienced or general providers.

Mistake #1: Choosing A Company With No Track Record

We’re living in the information age, and it’s easier than ever to check up on a company’s history.

A company like KUE group has over 45 years’ experience and trading history, with the testimonials and industry reputation to prove it. Don’t just take a company’s word for it. Ask to see their credentials and reviews, and you’ll be able to verify their trustworthiness.

Mistake #2: Choosing A Company Without The Right Qualifications

In any industrial process, safety is key. That’s why all the personnel working on your grit blasting project should have the relevant certified training – and you should be able to see proof of that.

Look for a company like KUE Group, where all personnel have the right certifications, and which is committed to ongoing personal development. Ask to see safety records, and check their commitment to compliance and health and safety. KUE Group have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certificates, and excellent Achilles UVDB certificate scores.

Mistake #3: Not Asking For References

References are the quickest and easiest way to see how a company behaves in the real world. An honest company will have no problem giving you contact details for referees. Get in touch and find out the truth. A company with no references, or with references that aren’t directly relevant to your industry, is an immediate red flag.

Mistake #4: Not Setting A Realistic Delivery Timeframe

A company that can’t commit to a timeframe could cause you problems managing your NDT requirements. If they’re giving you a vague schedule, that suggests either a lack of experience, or no confidence in their own abilities to do the job on time.

Specialists who know the business inside out will be able to provide you with a clear, accurate, and up-front timeframe. Always ask for this before you commit to anything.

Mistake #5: Trusting A Company Who Only Tell You The Good Things

A company with professionalism and integrity will offer honest, impartial advice – even if it’s not what you want to hear. If their grit blasting timeframe or pricing is wildly different from other estimates, think carefully.

Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Experts like those at KUE Group will give you straight answers to all your questions about your NDT surface preparation work.

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