7 Benefits Of Choosing SÄKAPHEN® Linings And Coatings

SÄKAPHEN® protective linings and coatings are all developed, designed and produced with quality in mind, which is why they’re a popular choice across various industries around the world. Here are seven reasons to choose SÄKAPHEN® linings and coatings over other brands.


Over 65 Years Of Experience

SÄKAPHEN® has been in the protective linings and coatings industry for over six decades, so they know what they’re doing. With a proven track record going back three generations, SÄKAPHEN® is a company with a great reputation behind it.

In-House Product Development

All of SÄKAPHEN®’s products are developed in-house by a team of experienced professional chemists and engineers. If you’re using SÄKAPHEN®, you know you’re using contemporary quality and design unlike anything else on the market.

Designers Of Innovative, Forward-Thinking Products

SÄKAPHEN®’s R&D department doesn’t just design new products to keep up with the latest trends; they work hard to pre-empt future needs and design products to meet those. If you’re looking for protecting coatings which implement cutting edge technology, SÄKAPHEN® is the only choice.

Heat-Cured And Cold-Cured Coatings Applied In-House And On-Site

SÄKAPHEN®’s heat and cold-cured coatings are state of the art. Generally, heat-cured are applied in-house and cold-cured both in-house and on-site, ensuring your equipment is protected wherever it may be.

Linings And Coatings With Superior Temperature And Chemical Resistance

Heat-cured SÄKAPHEN® linings provide unrivalled temperature and chemical resistance covering the full pH scale at a temperature range of -20°C to +180°C. Cold-cured epoxy and phenolic technologies ensure these too offer excellent resistance.

Products Designed To Endure The Harshest Conditions

SÄKAPHEN® products aren’t just designed with temperature and chemical resistance in mind; they’re formulated to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. SÄKAPHEN® protective linings are used across industries such as shipping, power generation, and oil and gas to protect tank containers, heat exchangers, and thermal degasifiers.

SÄKAPHEN® Protective Linings And Coatings Are Designed For Durability And Efficiency

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of protective coatings and linings, SÄKAPHEN® doesn’t cut corners. The company’s products are designed for stability and durability, meaning maintenance costs are reduced in the long term and SÄKAPHEN® protection lasts.

At KUE Group we use SÄKAPHEN® coatings and linings across many projects for a range of industries. To find out more about how we can help you with your coating or lining project, contact us today.


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